"[An] impressive debut biography…”  —Kirkus


"Joy captures the toughness, the dreams, the hypocrisy, of a complex and controversial woman."  —BBC.com, One of Ten Books to Read in August

“This book gives Davidman her life back... Ms. Santamaria succeeds in de-mythologizing Davidman’s story.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Abigail Santamaria has written a luscious Narnia tale for grownups…”    —Megan Marshall, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Margaret Fuller: A New American Life

“This brilliantly researched biography has changed me for good...”   —Walter Hooper, Personal secretary to C.S. Lewis, Literary Advisor to the C.S. Lewis Estate, and editor of The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis.











Joy is a delightful combination of romantic quest and intellectual adventure...”    —Debby Applegate, Pulitzer Prize winning author of the forthcoming Madam: The Notorious Life and Times of Polly Adler

“Santamaria reveals the vision and writing of a young woman whose coming of age in the turbulent thirties is both distinctive and emblematic of her time...”   —Susan Hertog, author of Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Her Life

"Davidman and her search for meaning and final arrival at love will resonate deeply long after the reader has closed Santamaria's masterful biography.”     —Kate Buford, author of Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe